Riding Solo with PTD’s Vice President, Clayton Woodruff

Ask an enthusiastic mountain biker for advice, and they will likely suggest keeping the pedals pushing and the wheels turning as often as possible. As riders, we hop on our bikes not just to explore a new trail but to gain more appreciation for ourselves, our riding community and the world around us. Even when we don’t set out on the trail asking for answers, often we receive them. So like many others, at PTD our team speaks to the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between work and play. As professional trail builders, our work is our passion. Check out our first Tales from the Trail, a series dedicated to uncovering the lighter side of the trail builder’s lifestyle. This month, our Vice President Clayton Woodruff recounts what it’s like to travel, work and ride solo.  


Bikes have taken me all over the country - and even outside of it. I’ve always been a rider, and as our trail building profession has grown roots I’ve been given the chance to take my riding to the next level. Building professionally has introduced me to some of the sport’s original, renegade trails and the people responsible for building themAs Vice President, I oversee the design and build of a lot projects we’re a part of, and so travel has bec