DIG \'dig\ verb : To break up and move the earth by tool, by hand, or by snout.


By machine and by hand, we break down, pack up and build out earth to form trails every single day. We dig. We sculpt. We breathe life into landscapes; into spaces that beg us to become the next trails, parks and playgrounds for mountain bikers and their communities.  

For us, digging isn’t just a pastime—it’s part of our bloodline.

We’re builders by trade and riders at heart. That’s why we dig: to create experiences that test our limits, that connect us to the environments in which we journey, the spaces that give our passion a little room to breathe.

As we’ve grown in our trade, the trail building lifestyle has grown into its own, too.

What began in 2007 as a renegade group of trail builders has since gone from passion to profession, taking us around the world and pushing the limits of what we create. Over the last eight years, Progressive Trail Design has discovered that digging in the dirt is one of the most rewarding lifestyles.

The time has now come to focus on giving those who dig the proper duds. 

Welcome to DIG Clothing Company, the next generation of lifestyle and activewear. Clothing for people who aren’t afraid to get their hands a little dirty. Inspired by the elements of trail and nature, our line lives on an axis of comfort and function. Whether you’re working on your next project, kicking off a ride or just passing time, DIG is the perfect partner for your far-from-ordinary active lifestyle. --